Eco Welfare Project!

Eco Welfare Project

Hello! Welcome to the Eco Welfare Project! Over here, our mission is to put an end to animal abuse, pollution, climate change, and to make our world great again! We all should save the animals and our world. You can be a part too! Don’t forget to donate, it helps us out a lot. All donated money goes to other organizations with the same cause as ours.

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Help save the planet.

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Meet the Crew!

Yoo! I’m Dheemahi. I was one of the founders of our Eco Welfare Project. I love animals and our world, and will willingly do anything to help them! I like games like Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft, so don’t be surprised if you find me playing video games. I love art and doing graffiti (on like notebooks or something). I absolutely love sports, like basketball, soccer, flag football, and cricket. I love the breeze on my face while biking, but that aside. I love animals and our world, which is why me, and two others decided to start this. My favorite animal is Canis Lupus, also known as the Grey Wolf.

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Hi, my name is Agastyaa! I like animals and playing games, which is why I joined the Eco Welfare Project. I love to play Pokemon and the guitar as well. I play a lot of sports, including basketball, tennis, and soccer.

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Hi, my name is Leah. I love animals especially bees and dogs, so I came here to save animals and bring awareness to other people. I’m interested in video games like Minecraft, Roblox, Pokémon, and VR. I also love art and drawing different animals. I usually use a skate board a bit and even inline skating.

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